This King’s Topographical Collection view of Livorno (Leghorn) was published by Florence-based Giuseppe Bardi (active 1770s to 1790s). The free port was a favourite with English merchants, a well-established community whose links to the city dated back to the 1570s and to the development of the so-called ‘Leghorn trade’. British tradesmen and agents in Livorno continued to provide assistance to Grand Tourists throughout the eighteenth century. In this view from the West, the commercial role of the port is suggested by the Swedish and British ships sailing near its entrance and by the large number of masts seen above the city walls. The polygonal tower of the Chiesa di Santa Caterina appears beyond the Fortezza Vecchia and the red-and-white flag of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany at left, while the Fanale dei Pisani is depicted at right in the background.