Verses from the trenches by Herbert Ernest Howard


Verses from the Trenches contains the work of Herbert Ernest Howard, a soldier from the ranks, who wrote poems about his thoughts while in France. It contains a portrait photograph of Howard, and was published after his death in service. Many families paid tribute to their sons who were killed in the war by publishing a memorial volume of their writings. These books were often privately printed for family members. The poems in this volume tend to be patriotic in tone, describing the bravery of those who responded to the call to arms, about fighting for a just cause, and about his thoughts of home. The central poem in the collection is ‘The Charge’ which recounts an attack on a German trench following a German bombardment.

Full title:
Verses from the trenches., 'The charge' and other poems, by Herbert Ernest Howard
August 1916
Edwards and Smith Printers
August 1916
Book / Poem
Herbert Ernest Howard
© Herbert Ernest Howard
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British Library

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