This is a plate from Paul Sandby’s first set of XII Views in Aquatinta from Drawings Taken on the Spot in South-Wales, held in the King's Topographical Collection. The aquatints are after sketches Sandby produced on a tour of South Wales undertaken in 1773.  The expedition was primarily a botanical one and Sandby joined Sir Joseph Banks, a botanist on Captain Cook’s first expedition to the Pacific, Daniel Solander (1733–82), a naturalist who had voyaged with Cook, the biologist John Lightfoot (1735–88) and the Hon. Charles Greville The series was dedicated to Banks and Greville. A watercolour of this view in the Victoria and Albert Museum is inscribed by Sandby ‘... he in red by the Boat Mr. Greville. He in blue me up to my knees in mud.’ Published in 1775, XII Views in Aquatinta is one of the first print series to have featured Wales as subject matter and one of the first to have been executed in aquatint. Chepstow Castle was re-engraved for Francis Grose’s Antiquities of England and Wales (1773–87).