Vive la devolution: devolved public-services commissioning

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Hitchcock, Alexander; Borrows, Maisie; Harwich, Eleonora
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1 November 2017
Social Policy, Education and Skills, Health Services, Employment
Social welfare
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There is a strong theoretical case for commissioning services at a local level. Local commissioners are best placed to tailor services to the needs of their areas and can integrate service design to meet the multiple needs of service users. In total, this paper identifies at least £107.7 billion of annual spend that can be devolved.

The authors of this report believe that English commissioners should have the financial freedom to design payment models to meet local healthcare needs – including primary, secondary and community care. People’s needs differ across the country. Deaths from causes considered preventable are 41 per cent higher in the North East than South East.

Employment-services commissioning can tailor welfare-to-work programmes to local needs. This includes outsourced programmes, such as the Work and Health Programme, and large national programmes, such as Jobcentre Plus.

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