Voicing your right to know: a guide to using freedom of information in campaigning

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Hadley, Philip
Date of publication
1 September 2010
Social Policy, Legislation
Social welfare
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This guide explores how freedom of information can be used to build understanding and inform campaign agendas, to feed into research, publications and policy work with MPs, peers and the public, as well as to gain media coverage and support the work of local campaigners. The guide uses a series of case studies and surveys in order to examine the use of freedom of information as a campaigning tool. The guide considers that freedom of information is a powerful, versatile and complementary campaigning tool that can be used to build a body of research, as well as a way to engage the media in your campaign. However, the guide also states that it is important to frame a request appropriately, and ask for specific recorded information, referencing specific time periods if possible and that it may be worth considering other tools if the information can be gained another way.

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