Volunteers in the Guide Association: problems and solutions

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Nichols, Geoff; King, Lindsay
Date of publication
1 January 1998
Voluntary Action: the journal of the Institute for Volunteering Research. Vol. 1; Number 1
Volunteering, Education and Skills, Children and Young People, Families
Social welfare
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This is an examination of the difficulties experienced by the Guide Association in recruiting and retaining volunteer leaders; chief among them being the lack of other volunteers to share the workload, the shortage of time left after paid work and family commitments, and the increasing demand for specialist skills. The article considers the extent to which the problems are likely to be common to the rest of the voluntary sector and discusses the various responses the Guide Association has made. These include piloting local teams that will shoulder some of the District Commissioner’s workload, setting up a marketing and external relations department, creating local networks of specialised volunteers and establishing a volunteers’ database.

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