Photograph of war news on wagon in Copenhagen


In August 1914 people in Kongens Nytorv square in central Copenhagen read the latest frontline bulletins from a horse-drawn carriage. The news was reported by one of the leading dailies, Politiken. In this case the information is about the positive acknowledgement by the German press of Denmark’s neutral position.

At the outbreak of war it was by no means a foregone conclusion that Denmark would be able to uphold this neutrality. It faced Germany as its closest neighbour to the south and held an important strategic position as the gateway to the Baltic. This meant the risk of an invasion was always present, which Denmark would not have been able to withstand. In addition to this, both Britain and Germany were Denmark’s most important trade partners, a fact that helped maintain Danish neutrality.

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Photograph of war news on wagon in Copenhagen [Nyheder om krigens udbrud København] by Holger Damgaard
Holger Damgaard
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