'Wartime Health', a French poster


Mobilising children

This poster is one of a series commissioned from Victor Prouvé by the French Education Ministry, for use in schools. The artist worked closely with primary school teachers, who did not fight but remained on the home front. 

This poster urges children and their families to reduce consumption of key staples to aid the war effort and to contribute to improving the health of the population.

The image in the top half shows a mother bringing a meal of potatoes to the table for her three children and their grandmother, who gives the children a drink of water. The text reads: ‘Let’s eat less bread and more potatoes. Let’s eat fewer fatty substances: our digestion will be the better for it. Let’s eat less sugar: sugar is a luxury. Let’s drink lots of water, and very few fermented drinks and no alcohol. Eating too much meat causes enteritis and appendicitis. Many people would be in better health if they ate and drank less.’

Full title:
French poster 'Hygiène de Guerre' [Wartime Health] by Victor Prouvé, from [A collection of British and French War Posters]
c. 1914 - 1918, France
Poster / Drawing / Image
Victor Prouvé
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British Library

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