What would be left of the entente if it made serious the right of self-determination of their own people and let go of the reins!, a political satire map of Europe


This world map is a propaganda poster published in Germany in 1919. On top of the map it shows the four victorious powers of Britain, France, Russia and the United States of America. Each of them holds onto the reins of their respective national beasts (the British lion, the French cockerel, Russian polar bear and American bison or buffalo) which are positioned over their imperial holdings.

Klimesch was a Berlin-based mapmaker of the early 20th century.

Full title:
Was von der Entente übrig bliebe, wenn sie Ernst machte mit dem Selbstbestimmungsrecht ihrer eigenen Völker und die Zügel losließe! (What would be left of the Entente if they were serious about their own people’s ‘right of self-determination’ and let go of the reins!)
c. 1919, Berlin
c. 1919
F. Klimesch
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