The Welsh dragon: the success of enterprise education in Wales

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Pennycook, Lauren
Carnegie UK Trust
Date of publication
28 February 2014
Education and Skills, Children and Young People
Social welfare
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Over the last decade, governments across the UK and Ireland have invested in expanding enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning in their national curriculums. Different approaches to delivering, measuring, and resourcing enterprise education can be seen across the jurisdictions and in recent years governments have focused on different measures to increase youth entrepreneurship in an attempt to accelerate economic recovery.

To facilitate the disseminate of good practice, the Trust conducted semi-structured interviews with five practitioners of enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning in Wales, designed to learn from the success of the Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy (YES) in instilling young people with entrepreneurial skills. This briefing showcases the Welsh Government’s approach to enterprise education and entrepreneurial learning driven by the YES, and describes how this learning continuum is creating the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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