What do we want from the next Prime Minister: education

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Discussion paper
Williams, Joanna
Policy Exchange
Date of publication
22 July 2019
Policy ideas for new leadership: education
Social Policy, Education and Skills, Employment, Children and Young People
Social welfare
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Policy recommendations

  • Raise standards in schools through a commitment to improving behaviour in the classroom and prioritising the expectation and enforcement of high standards of discipline within all schools.
  • Improve teaching by cutting class sizes in the Foundation Stage; supporting a knowledge based curriculum; keeping SATs for pupils at the end of Key Stage Two; and with increased monitoring of pupil behaviour.
  • Incentivise teacher retention and recruitment, as well as improve the knowledge and skills of teachers, through the introduction of a bursary scheme to fund teachers to study for a higher degree and the introduction of in-service sabbaticals with a focus on professional development.

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