What will our volunteers be like in five years' time?

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Williams, Natalie; Griffith Gray, Megan
Date of publication
1 September 2009
Future focus; 2
Social Policy
Social welfare
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This report seeks to forecast the future profiles of volunteers in third sector organisations. The report identifies six key trends that will shape the future of volunteering in such organisations, namely: more professional volunteering; the ageing population; time poor society; weaker ties to geographical communities; consumer culture; and, changing ideas about volunteering. The report suggests that third sector organisations should consider the relevance and importance of each of these trends to their organisation in order to consider the strategic implications for future planning. Further, it suggests that, as a part of such future planning, each organisation needs to consider these implications in relation to its workforce, users and beneficiaries, funders, competitors and collaborators, the media, the public and policy makers. 

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