What is this?

A number of magazines and journals published during the war carried adverts such as this one for a Swan Fountpen (fountain pen). The advert plays on the soldier’s longing for home and loved ones, making the product on sale seem like a way of maintaining connections across the English Channel or, in the case of Canadian soldiers, the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is it from?

The advert is from the opening pages of Canada in Khaki, a journal published to illustrate Canadians’ actions on the front and raise money for the Canadian War Memorial Fund. Set up by Sir Max Aitken the fund set out to illustrate the contribution of Canadians mobilised for the war, a force in excess of 600,000 individuals. The Fund employed a number of artists and illustrators, some of whom were members of Canada’s ‘Group of Seven’, a group of Canadian landscape painters active between the First and Second World Wars.