Where next for the Family Test?

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Centre for Social Justice
Centre for Social Justice
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1 March 2016
Families, Social Policy
Social welfare
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This report considers the effectiveness of the Family Test for the impact of legislation on family life and stability, introduced in 2014 by the Coalition Government, and  how it can be strengthened in order to improve the effects of government policy on families. The authors recommend that government departments collect and publish:

  • evidence of how greater family stability would advance their own agenda;
  • how their departmental policy is supporting families and family
    stability, and
  • what further steps they are planning to take to support family

They also propose that departments should be asked to:

  • apply the Test where relevant against this evidence base; 
  • publish their assessment of the Test, and 
  • explain why the Test has not been applied, where this is the case.

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