Who will love me when I'm 64? The importance of relationships in later life

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Harries, Ellen; De las Casas, Lucy
New Philanthropy Capital
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1 June 2013
Older Adults
Social welfare
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There are now more pensioners than there are children under 16 Britain, and by 2025 half of the UK adult population will be over 50. This will transform every sphere of society from family life to employment, leisure activity to social care. There are challenges ahead for public policy, for business and for civil society, and it is important to start thinking them through now rather than wait for them to creep up on us This demographic shift will result in new demands on resources that will have to be met.

Strong, good quality relationships in older age are one way we will make this a good experience, rather than simply a drain on the public purse. As a society and as individuals we need to recognise this and explore new ways to encourage and support the full range of older people’s relationships. It will make their lives better, and help us look forward to the future with confidence, not fear.

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