A wider lens

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Bazalgette, Louise; Barnes, Matt; Lord, Chris
Date of publication
22 October 2012
Families, Poverty Alleviation Welfare Benefits and Financial Inclusion
Social welfare
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This report is the first large-scale analysis of Scottish families’ experiences of multiple disadvantage. Using data from the Scottish Household survey, it provides new analysis to help us understand the scale and nature of disadvantage affecting families in Scotland. This analysis has two key benefits beyond that of providing a more accurate picture. First, it is more easily understood by the public, while complex income-based measures are not. And second, it can contribute to better informed policy from both central and local government by identifying a variety of factors contributing to disadvantage.

A Wider Lens is the first phase of a research project on family disadvantage in Scotland. The next stage will use indepth qualitative research techniques (including focus groups, diary-prompted interviews and ethnographic visits to families’ homes) to develop detailed knowledge of the challenges experienced by families suffering from multiple disadvantages, and to develop policy solutions to help overcome them.

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