Wider out of court disposals (OOCD) review

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Impact Assessment
Corporate author(s)
Great Britain. Ministry of Justice; College of Policing; Great Britain. Home Office
Ministry of Justice
Date of publication
26 September 2013
Criminal Justice Services
Social welfare
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The OOCD landscape has developed organically and in response to a need to deal with first time and low level offending effectively. As a result, the landscape is complex, making OOCDs difficult for practitioners to administer and hard for the public to understand. There is a need for a shared understanding of OOCDs, both in terms of their purpose and a process for administering them which reduces bureaucracy; facilitating police officers to spend more time on the front-line. There is concern that OOCD are used to tackle serious and repeat offending and this has been heavily publicised in the media in recent times. The review will seek to address this, building on the findings of the recent simple cautions review.