Work as a health outcome in the devolved nations: how Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland tackle sickness-related worklessness

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Weston, Mark; Manning, Julia
Date of publication
1 December 2012
Employment, Health Services
Social welfare
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This report gathers lessons from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland regarding methods of tackling sickness related worklessness, and draws on them to make recommendations for policymakers and practitioners in England, as well as identifying areas for improvement in the devolved nations themselves. Efforts in the latter are often more advanced than those in England, and each boasts innovative programs that provide useful lessons for the Health and Wellbeing Boards that will bear primary responsibility for redressing England’s deficit in this area. The recommendations outlined in this report include: the importance of leadership; clear national strategies; get your own house in order; goal-directed joint working; consistent communications; the value of hubs; the value of hubs for programme implementers; inclusion of cost-benefit analysis in evaluations; targeting of other health professionals; and taking a long view.

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