Working time, gender and family in west and central east Europe

Working time, gender and family in west and central east Europe
Document type
Working Paper
Cousins, Christine; Tang, Ning
University of Hertfordshire
Date of publication
1 January 2003
The University of Hertfordshire Business School Working Papers
Trends: economic, social and technology trends affecting business
Business and management
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This paper provides a comparative analysis of west and central east European countries focusing on how work flexibility affects individuals and their households and particularly their ability to combine family and work life. In addition, the paper has two further concerns. First, the analysis takes into account the differing institutional and policy contexts in the selected countries. It is clear that routes to flexibility as well as the concept of flexibility have been very different in the diverse parts of Europe. A second concern of the paper is to further our understandings of the culture and values which underpin the organisation of family and work in the different countries. The paper, therefore, addresses a number of issues and debates in Europe, for example, working time arrangements, employment patterns and childcare arrangements, and the reconciliation of work and family life.

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