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  • An anonymous map of Italy


    In the 15th century several maps were drawn of the whole of Italy, by then the most map-conscious part of Europe. The ou...

  • Bedford Hours


    On Christmas Eve 1430 Anne of Burgundy (d. 1432), the wife of John, Duke of Bedford (d. 1435), presented this lavish bil...

  • Carthusian miscellany


    Taken from the preface of The Disputacione betwyx the Body and the Wormes, this image depicts a transi tomb, a tomb that...

  • Chart of the Aegean from the Cornaro atlas


    An atlas made for the Cornaro family of Venice at the end of the 15th century contains 35 portolan charts by various Ven...

  • Christine de Pizan, The Book of the Queen


    Christine de Pizan (b. 1364, d. 1430) was the first professional woman author in Europe. Writing in the French language,...

  • Dunois Hours


    Medieval Christians hoped for a ‘good’ death, ideally at home in bed surrounded by family with a priest administering th...

  • First book of Herodotus’ Histories


    This manuscript contains the first book of Herodotus’ Histories. It is written on paper and dates from some time before ...

  • Greek medical treatises


    This manuscript is a typical example of a medical miscellany. It consists of a range of treatises on physiology and prog...

  • Gynaecological text


    Illustrations of foetal positions in the womb within this 15th century gynaecological treatise demonstrate that by the l...

  • Hours of René of Anjou


    This sumptuous Book of Hours was made in Paris around 1405-1410 and illuminated by an anonymous artist, known after this...

  • John Dee's spirit mirror


    This black spirit mirror and other magical objects are thought to have been owned by John Dee (1527–1608/9), the Elizabe...

  • Law synopsis of Michael Attaleiates


    This 15th century manuscript contains a version of the synopsis of law (Ponema Nomikon) by the civil servant and scholar...

  • Lycophron with commentary


    Lycophron's Alexandra, with the commentary of Isaac Tzetzes

  • Map of the Bay of Bengal from Ptolemy's Geography


    This map from the Harley manuscripts collection shows the Bay of Bengal from a manuscript of Ptolemy's Geography, has th...

  • Miniatures of nuns and monks praying, c. 1430

    Manuscript, Painting, Illustration, Image

    These delicate paintings show nuns and monks praying in their stalls. They are part of a series of miniatures in an orna...