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  • Anne McLaren’s Notebook

    Notebook Created date: 1955

    Dame Anne McLaren (1927 – 2007) was a developmental biologist who pioneered techniques that led to human in vitro fertil...

  • Benjamin Britten's manuscript score for A Midsumme...

    Musical score, Manuscript Created date: 1960–1978

    This manuscript, written in Benjamin Britten’s hand, is the score for the opera based on Shakespeare’s comedic play, A M...

  • Chaffinch 'weet' alarm call

    Sound recording Created date: 28 August 1975

    A chaffinch's “weet” alarm calls, recorded in Surrey, England, by Victor Lewis.

  • Children's jokes

    Video Created date: 1974 - 1978

    A recording featuring the rhyme ‘Tarzan in the Jungle’, ‘Donald Duck’ and ‘Popeye the Sailor Man’ .

  • Delius: Cello Sonata (recording)

    Sound recording Created date: 1926 (re-released by Symposium Records in 1992)

    This wartime Cello Sonata (1916), by the English composer Frederick Delius, was written for the cellist Beatrice Harriso...

  • Delius: Brigg Fair (recording)

    Sound recording Created date: 1928. Re-released by EMI in 1990

    Frederick Delius’s Brigg Fair (1907) is a set of variations for large orchestra based on the folksong ‘Unto Brigg Fair’....

  • Double Pigeon Chinese Typewriter

    Typewriter Created date: 1975

    The Double Pigeon Chinese typewriter became iconic in Maoist China (1949–76). Its design reflects almost a century of ex...

  • Letter from Alan Turing to W Ross Ashby

    Letter Created date: 1946

    Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954) was a mathematician and computer scientist. He is best known for his code-breaking work...

  • Letters from Peggy Ramsay on Joe Orton's Loot

    Manuscript, Typescript, Letter, Ephemera Created date: 10 February 1965; 21 March 1983; 6 April 1983

    Joe Orton insisted that his scandalous black comedies must be played straight and performed with ‘absolute realism’. In ...

  • Letters from Samuel Beckett to Harold Pinter

    Manuscript, Letter, Ephemera Created date: 27 January 1965; 16 March 1978

    This handwritten correspondence from Samuel Beckett to Harold Pinter pays testament to the enduring and affectionate fri...

  • Manuscript draft of 'The Ultimate City' by J G Bal...

    Manuscript, Draft Created date: estimated 1975

    This is an early autograph draft of ‘The Ultimate City’, a short story/novella written by J G Ballard and published in t...

  • Manuscript notes and drafts of stories from The Bl...

    Manuscript, Typescript, Draft Created date: estimated 1975–79

    This collection of manuscript sheets and typescripts contain notes, drafts and fair copies for stories from The Bloody C...

  • Marsh warbler calls

    Sound recording Created date: 29 June 1975

    The calls of a marsh warbler, recorded in Worcestershire, England, by Victor Lewis.

  • Nebuchadnezzar

    Video Created date: 1975

    This two-ball rhyme 'Nebuchadnezzar, King of the Jews' was recorded by Iona Opie in Salford in 1975.

  • Nightcleaners part 1

    Video Created date: 1975