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  • A panorama of Delhi

    Watercolour, Bodycolour, View Created date: 1846

    This 360-degree panorama of Delhi spans nearly five metres. It was produced by the Indian artist Mazhar Ali Khan, possib...

  • Dante’s 'Paradiso'

    Parchment, Bodycolour Created date: 1444-50

    Illustration by Giovanni de Paolo showing Dante ascending into heaven, guided by Beatrice.

  • Itinerary from London to Beauvais

    Bodycolour, Parchment Created date: about 1250-59

    This itinerary is among the prefatory material that is held at the British Library along with autograph copies of Paris’...

  • Maps of Jerusalem and Acre

    Bodycolour, Parchment Created date: c.1320-1325

    The plan of Jerusalem (left) shows the biblical city rather than the medieval one. The homes (‘domus’) of King Solomon, ...

  • Plan of Cambridge

    Bodycolour, Map Created date: 1588

    William Smith produced his Particuler Description of England in 1588. Smith’s text is accompanied by maps and topographi...

  • Plan of Canterbury

    Bodycolour, Pen and ink, Map Created date: 1588

    William Smith was a haberdasher, merchant, innkeeper, writer, herald and playwright from Cheshire whose lifelong interes...

  • The Scots Roll

    Bodycolour, Pen and ink, Paper Created date: 1490-1500

    The ‘Scots Roll’ is one of the most historically significant items in the heraldic collection belonging to Sir Thomas Wr...

  • Tomb of Richard Fleming, Bishop of Lincoln

    Ink, Watercolour, Bodycolour Created date: 1640-41

    This drawing by William Sedgwick shows the tomb of Richard Fleming, Bishop of Lincoln (d.1431), in Lincoln Cathedral. Th...

  • Vue de la source de l'Arveron

    Etching, Watercolour, Bodycolour, View

    The source of the river Arveiron in the Graian Alps deserves a whole chapter in the second volume of Horace-Bén&e...

  • William Segar, Garter Principall King of Arms

    Pen and ink, Bodycolour, Parchment Created date: 1616-1707

    After becoming Garter King of Arms in 1607, William Segar (about 1554-1633) was granted arms in 1612 and knighted in 161...