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  • A Ketubah from India

    Manuscript, Ketubah, marriage contract

    A Ketubbah is a marriage contract traditionally given to a Jewish bride on her wedding day. It specifies the husband's f...

  • Afghan ketubah, 19th century

    Manuscript, Ketubah, marriage contract

    The tradition of the ketubah (a Jewish marriage contract) dates back 2000 years, making it one of the earliest documents...

  • Islamic marriage contract

    Manuscript, marriage contract

    This lavish certificate records the marriage of the last Mughal ruler, Bahadur Shah II (r. 1837–1857) to Zinat Mahal Beg...

  • Mozart’s marriage contract

    marriage contract

    In December 1781, Mozart wrote to his father to tell him that he was to marry the singer Constanze Weber. The standard m...