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  • Octopium Landlordicuss

    Map Created date: 1925

    This political postcard comments on the social effects caused by private ownership of land and property in London and We...

  • 1066 and All That

    Book, Illustration

    Sellar and Yeatman’s classic satirical work, 1066 And All That, is famous for denouncing King John as a ‘Bad King’. In t...

  • 10th-century Qur’an

    Manuscript Created date: 900–1000

    Probably copied in Egypt, this 10th-century Qur’an is written in Eastern kufic script on vellum. The manuscript The desi...

  • 11th-century illuminated Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: Late 11th century

    Illuminated copies of the Book of Psalms were very popular in Byzantium. One group of illuminated psalters are known as ...

  • 11th-century Qur'an from Iraq or Persia

    Manuscript Created date: 11th century

    This elegant, detailed Qur’an is one of the earliest dated examples of naskhi script. What is special this script? This...

  • 12th-century Horologion

    Manuscript Created date: 12th century

    A Horologion, or Book of Hours, contains the outline of the services (aside from those relating to the Eucharist) of the...

  • 12th-century miscellany of Latin texts

    Manuscript Created date: Early 12th century

    The oldest surviving copy of the History of the Britons (Historia Brittonum) is found in a miscellany of late Antique an...

  • 13th-century English Book of Hours

    Manuscript Created date: Late 13th century

    An early Book of Hours from England. Popular in the late Middle Ages and the early Renaissance, Books of Hours were pra...

  • 13th-century Menaion

    Manuscript Created date: 13th century

    In the Greek church, the Menaion is the book containing prayers and hymns for the fixed feasts of the liturgical calenda...

  • 14th-century Greek New Testament

    Manuscript Created date: 14th century

    Most Greek manuscripts of the Bible tend only to include a small sub-section of biblical books, for instance, the four G...

  • 14th-century Mamluk Qur’an

    Manuscript Created date: 1300–1399

    This 14th-century Qur’an from Egypt. The manuscript This Qur’an is written in muhaqqaq script, with ornamental chapter ...

  • 14th-century pilgrim's travel guide

    Manuscript Created date: first half of the 14th century

    This is a 700-year-old traveller’s guidebook: a practical manual for pilgrims walking St James’s Way to Santiago de Comp...

  • 14th-century Wycliffite Bible

    Manuscript Created date: 1375–1425

    This is a manuscript copy of the ‘Wycliffite Bible’ – the first complete copy of the Bible in the English language. Why...

  • 15th-century Wycliffite Bible

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript Created date: Early 15th century

    A manuscript containing the Later Version of the Middle English translation of the Bible produced by followers of the re...

  • 16th-century Book of Hours

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1500

    The character of Death was regularly personified within medieval culture, and the message was usually clear: death would...