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  • Anglo-Saxon miscellany

    Manuscript Created date: c.1025–50

    The world beyond England was a source of continuing curiosity for the Anglo-Saxons, as is particularly evident in this m...

  • Aviary and bestiary

    Manuscript Created date: 1250–1300

    An illustrated aviary (or text about birds) appears in this manuscript, which was made in Northern France during the 13t...

  • Bestiary, with extracts from Gerald of Wales

    Manuscript Created date: Late 12th-century–early 13th century

    A bestiary contains Christian allegorical lessons based on the characteristics and habits of animals found in nature and...

  • Flowers of Virtue and of Manners

    Manuscript Created date: c.1450–1500

    The Flore de virtu e de costumi (‘Flowers of Virtue and of Manners’) is an Italian work on virtues and vices that was co...

  • Luttrell Psalter

    Manuscript, Illuminated manuscript Created date: c. 1325–40

    This celebrated manuscript was commissioned by a wealthy landowner, Sir Geoffrey Luttrell, in the first half of the 14th...

  • Map Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: 1262–1300

    The Map Psalter takes its name from its full-page illustration of a map of the world (on f. 9r), whose design shares clo...

  • Neville of Hornby Hours

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd quarter of the 14th century

    Medieval Christian belief stated that demons were fallen angels who underwent a physical transformation to become the be...

  • Peraldus' Theological Miscellany

    Manuscript Created date: 1236–1250

    Produced in England around 1255-1265, this theological miscellany contains a collection of textual materials for a preac...

  • Rochester Bestiary

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1230

    Bestiaries, or ‘Books of beasts’, provide an account of the characteristics and habits of a variety of animals, both rea...

  • Rutland Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1260

    Made in London in around 1260, this manuscript is best known as the earliest surviving example of an English Psalter wit...

  • Winchester Psalter

    Manuscript Created date: Mid-12th century

    The calendar in this elaborate copy of the Book of Psalms suggests that it was made at Winchester’s Old Minster during t...