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  • Bible of William of Devon

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1275–1300

    Made in England around the middle of the 13th century, this grand illustrated manuscript includes the entire Bible in on...

  • Chronicles of France

    Manuscript Created date: 1487

    Made in Northern France in around 1487, this richly illuminated manuscript is the third in a set of six enormous volumes...

  • Collection of moral tracts

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1290

    The Cistercian nunnery of Notre-Dame-la-Royale at Maubuisson in France probably commissioned this collection of tracts a...

  • Decretals of Pope Boniface VIII

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd half of the 14th century

    As the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope led one of the most powerful institutions of the Middle Ages, making laws t...

  • Illustrated Rule of St Benedict

    Manuscript Created date: 4th quarter of the 10th century

    This decorative letter opens the Prologue to the Rule of St Benedict, a very influential book of instructions, which set...

  • John Lydgate, The Siege of Thebes

    Manuscript Created date: c. 1457–1530

    Pilgrims travelled to holy places where saints’ relics were held as they believed that by touching the relics, usually b...

  • Martyrdom of Thomas Becket

    Manuscript Created date: 1174–1176

    On 29 December 1170, Thomas Becket, the archbishop of Canterbury, was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral by four knights f...

  • Neville of Hornby Hours

    Manuscript Created date: 2nd quarter of the 14th century

    Medieval Christian belief stated that demons were fallen angels who underwent a physical transformation to become the be...

  • Rule of St Benedict

    Manuscript Created date: 4th quarter of 10th century-2nd half 13th century

    Manuscripts of the ‘Rule’ for monastic life drawn up by Benedict of Nursia (died c. 547) were known in England from at l...