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  • Anglo-Saxon calendar and computistical material


    Farming was the basis of the early medieval economy and the occupation of the majority of the population, but agricultur...

  • Benedictional of St Æthelwold


    The Benedictional of St Æthelwold

  • Binham hoard


    The Binham hoard was discovered by metal-detectorists between 2003 and 2015. It is the largest collection of gold from 6...

  • Book of Durrow


    The Book of Durrow contains the four Gospels, each of which is preceded by carpet pages and the evangelist symbols. The ...

  • Bury Gospels


    In its original state, the Bury Gospels must have been one of the most richly decorated books produced in 11th-century E...

  • Canterbury or Anglo-Catalan Psalter


    The Canterbury Psalter is amongst the most lavishly illustrated of English manuscripts. The luxurious decoration is part...

  • Codex Bigotianus (first of two volumes)


    Gospel readings are a fundamental part of the Mass, and therefore Gospel-books were among the most essential possessions...

  • Collection of homilies


    Most sermons (or homilies) in this collection are copies of earlier ones in Old English. But this one is different. It i...

  • Eadui Psalter


    The Eadui Psalter is named after its probable scribe and artist, Eadwig (Eadui) Basan. Eadwig was a monk at Christ Churc...

  • Earliest Durham gospel-book


    This fragmentary manuscript is widely thought to be the earliest example in the sequence of decorated Insular gospel-boo...

  • Earliest English charter


    This is the earliest example to survive in its original form, on a single sheet of parchment.

  • Echternach Gospels


    The monastery of Echternach, now in Luxembourg, was founded by the Northumbrian monk, Willibrord (b. 658, d. 739), in 69...

  • Gildas's The Ruin of Britain


    Prior to the 7th century, very few sources survive for our knowledge of early British and Anglo-Saxon history. The prima...

  • Glossed Psalter


    From an early date, Church Fathers and theologians wrote commentaries on the Bible, which survive in numerous copies. Th...

  • Guthlac Roll

    Vellum roll

    This manuscript is known as the Guthlac Roll. It is a long, thin strip of parchment which contains 18 ink ‘roundels’ – c...