Application for an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) for UK publications

Please complete a separate form for each ISSN required.

If your serial is already being published we need to see a copy in order to assign an ISSN. Please download the PDF version (PDF format 109KB) of this form, and send a printout of the completed form, along with a recent issue of the serial to:

ISSN UK Centre
The British Library
Boston Spa
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BQ

For titles where no issues have yet been published, and for online titles, please complete the following form:

To send your request, simply complete this form and click the submit button. Certain fields must be completed, these are marked with an asterisk *.

Please indicate 'Brand new title' for:

  • • Print and/or online serial title not yet published.
  • • Online serial title already published.
  • • Online version of a serial title with an existing ISSN for a print version. (Give the details of the print title and the ISSN in Section 8.) .

Please indicate 'Change of title' for:

  • • A proposed change of title not yet published.
  • • A change of title for an online serial.

For all other requests when a serial is already in publication, please complete the PDF version of the application form and send it together with a recent copy of the serial to the ISSN UK Centre at the address given on the PDF form.

'Free' titles becoming 'paid-for' titles are considered to be already in publication. The PDF application form and a copy of the 'free' serial are required.

1. Serial title

Exactly as it appears on the title page, title screen, cover or masthead

2. Date and volume numbering of first issue of serial with that title

As it appears on the first issue - e.g. Vol. 1, no. 1 or Vol.2, no.48, or Issue 1 or June 2017

3. Year and month of first issue, or year and month of proposed date of first issue

Date format - YYYY/MM

4. Frequency of publication

How often is the serial published - e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly?

5. Publication format

Please indicate the primary format(s) of the serial (e.g. Print, Online, CD-ROM).

It is the policy of the ISSN Network that serials published in different physical formats should have separate ISSN. However, this only applies if the serial is being published in full in these formats. Websites promoting a print publication would not require a separate ISSN.

6. Publication URL

If it is published online, please give us the exact location (URL) of the serial, and any passwords that may be needed.

7. Former title

If this publication was formerly published under a different title you MUST complete the following:

8. Related title

e.g. is supplement to

9. Publisher's details

In general, the publisher is the organisation or individual responsible for the publication. Publishers include organisations, institutions, business firms, non-profit organisations, government agencies, religious bodies, individuals etc.

10. Name and postal address of organisation requesting ISSN if not publisher

If you are applying for an ISSN on behalf of the publisher, for example if you are the distributor.

11. Contact details

Notification of any ISSN assigned will be sent by e-mail, where possible. It is essential that the e-mail address is entered correctly.

A copy of your request will be sent to this email address

12. Date by which ISSN is required

Please allow at least 30 days

Select a date using the calendar or enter a date in the format 'dd/mm/yyyy'

13. Additional information
Terms and conditions

Read the terms and conditions

Please complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk *.

You should receive an email acknowledgement – if you do not, please contact us.

Further Information:

ISSN UK Centre
The British Library
Boston Spa
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BQ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1937 546959