Richard Pigot The Life of Man
(Longmans, 1866)
C.109.f.4    28.5x23 cm

The Life of Man
  The binding designs of John Leighton

The publishing firm of Longmans provided Leighton with several opportunities to produce more complex, expensive work. He was closely involved with the illustrations for Pigot's The Life of Man, for which his brother, Henry, also provided many plates. The cover design is one of Leighton's most intricate. The mandorla, or oval highlight, was a standard device which he used to define the central portion of the cover design. In this instance, it is large and encloses a highly elaborate allegory, incorporating a finely executed serpent. There are two copies in the British Library, both bound by Edmonds & Remnants, one in green sand grain cloth, the other in orange sand grain cloth.