Charles Dickens Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club
(Chapman and Hall, Apr.1836-Nov.1837)
Dex. 270

Pickwick Club
  The Novel

In February 1836 Chapman and Hall invited Charles Dickens, then a young newspaper reporter, to provide the text for a series of sporting illustrations by Robert Seymour which they proposed to issue in shilling numbers. Friends reminded Dickens that this was a 'low, cheap form of publication', but he relished the immediacy of the episodic form. As the story went on, teeming with lively characters and hilarious incidents, author and publisher found they had an immense success on their hands. According to one contemporary report, enthusiastic admirers 'flattened their noses against the booksellers' windows', eager to see the latest instalment and 'frequently reading it aloud to applauding bystanders'.