Our users

Our users

We work with over 100 organisations in the UK and Ireland, enabling them to assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to their research outputs.

Many of the organisations we work with are UK Higher Education Institutions, but we are also working with national discipline-specific data centres, government bodies, charities and commercial organisations.

If you are a researcher and looking to get DOIs for your data, please contact your data manager to check if your institution is already working with us.

If your institution is not listed and you would like to be able to cite your data with DOIs, please try the following:

  • Contact your institutional library or research support office – they may give you details of your institution's data policy
  • See if one of the national data centres that we work with would be a suitable home for your data
  • Search on re3data – it provides details of international discipline-specific data archives
  • Email us – we are happy to discuss your needs and help you to find an appropriate contact.