This page contains a list of technical problems you may experience when using DataCite.

If you are unable to assign or update DOIs, please first check the DataCite Status Page to see if DataCite is having any problems. If there are no reported issues, it may be a problem with the assignment or update process.

Error messages and issues between the user interface and the APIs are slightly different, so we have separated them into two sections below. The final section also covers general problems you may have.

If you are having problems assigning DOIs using a platform such as Pure, DSpace, EPrints or others, your vendor or developer will be better able to help you. You can still email us, but please copy in your developer in the email as they may be able to give more accurate information.

If you do not know how to assign DOIs using DataCite, please check the Creating and managing DOIs page.

If you want to build automated DOI assigning into your repository or database, you should use the DataCite APIs.

Problems with assigning or updating DOIs with the user interface

I am unable to access my account

Access your account and user interface for assigning DOIs. If the page is not available, please check DataCite Status Page to see if DataCite services are still up and running. If there is scheduled downtime or a server error, the status page will confirm. If the login page will not load and the status page does not report any problems, please email us and copy in

If you do not know your account symbol, we will have sent this to you on the day we opened your account. If you cannot find it, please email us.

If you have forgotten your password, please see What do I do if I have forgotten my password?.

I am receiving an error message when I try to assign or update a DOI

The user interface will display an error message when it is unable to assign or update a DOI. Error messages that start 'XML error:' highlight that you have a problem in your metadata. The XML carrying the metadata for the DOI has to conform to the XML standards and specifications available on the DataCite Metadata Schema page. If needed, please email us sending the XML file you tried to use, and we will help you to identify and fix the problem.

Problems with assigning or updating DOIs with the API

For errors that you have received while using the API to assign your DOIs, please consult the API documentation. This page details all the error messages you are likely to receive as a response.

General problems

The system is asking me for the DOI: shouldn’t this be automatically generated for me?

No. You need to specify the DOI that you want to assign to the dataset. See the guidelines for creating your suffix.

I can’t find the DOI I just assigned in DataCite search

When registering DOIs in DOI Fabrica, you must select a state for the DOI. There are currently three states available. De-selecting the ‘isActive’ flag on a dataset will hide it from DataCite search. View the dataset from within your Fabrica account and ensure the ‘isActive’ flag is selected. Each registered/updated public DOI shows up in DataCite Search (and Fabrica and DataCite Commons) within 20 min. There is no longer a delay in indexing after DOI registration.

The DOI I just created isn’t resolving

There may be two reasons your DOI is not being resolved:

  1. The DOI is not yet live in the Handle system. If this is the case, you should get to a page saying the DOI doesn’t exist. New DOIs may take a couple of minutes to propagate into the system. DOIs that have been updated with a new URL may take a little longer: up to 24 hours.
  2. Check that you have entered the correct URL for your DOI. If you have a typing error in the URL, you will either get a 404 message, or be taken to the wrong landing page


DataCite help pages

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Using DataCite to assign DOIs to non-centralised objects

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