Digital resources change, develop and evolve. At the British Library, we collect and preserve digital material, and it's our duty to provide continued access to our digital collections far into the future.

The Library must ensure that all our collections are properly preserved for the very long term. This includes the rapidly increasing amount of digital content the Library collects.

To do this, our experts develop policies and strategies and collaborate with digital preservation specialists across the world.

You can learn more here about our team's research, expertise and challenges.

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The challenges of digital preservation

Identify the challenges posed to preserving digital content

Our digital preservation strategy

Look at the key activities needed to keep our digital collections alive

Digital preservation research and projects

Find out about our active programme in this developing field

External collaboration

See the expert communities we work with outside the British Library

Digital subjects and services

Digital collections

Our digital collections contain a wide range of material you can access online

Digital scholarship

Find out about our digital scholarship projects, experts and collections

Legal deposit for e-publications

It's a legal requirement for us to take UK publications in a range of digital formats

Digitisation Services

We offer a range of digitisation services for organisations and individuals


Digital Preservation Capability Assessment

This project looked at our preservation capabilities as applied to digital legal deposit material


We will preserve and give you access to content on thousands of CD-ROMs in our collections.

Integrated Preservation Suite

We're tackling the threat of technical obsolescence facing our digital collections

Emerging Formats

This project builds our ability to collect publications designed for mobile devices that respond to reader interaction or are structured as databases.

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