Pricing and ordering

Costing your digitisation project

We would be delighted to provide an estimate for your digitisation work. Please note that we will need to know the material type, format and volume in order to calculate an approximate cost.

Get in touch.

Ordering images from our collection

If you would like to order digitised copies from our collection the following prices apply*. Please note that we charge a higher fee for the first image from an item as this includes the cost of retrieving the item and transporting it to the studio plus carrying out initial quality checks. The price includes electronic delivery, collection in person or standard delivery within the UK.

  • Digital image for reference (scan): £13.85 first image of each item, £0.51 subsequent images from the same item
  • Digital image for reproduction (photography): £24.80 first image of each item, £6.56 subsequent images from the same file
  • Microfilm: £18.49 existing microfilm as greyscale scans, per 100ft roll, £105.45 existing microfilm as greyscale scans, per 1000ft roll.
 *Valid until 1 August 2023, excluding any relevant local taxes, eg. VAT and import/export taxes.

Please make a note of your reference number when you submit your order form online. You will need to quote it if you need to contact us about your order.

We accept payments by credit or debit card.

Cancellation policy

You can cancel your order until we start the digitisation process without incurring a fee. If you cancel after we have started work, a cancellation fee of £20 will apply.