This pricing page provides a general guide to our standard services charges for when you order images of British Library collection items that you find in our catalogues. If you would like the British Library to digitise items from your own or your organisations collections, please contact us to obtain a quote.

We charge a set fee for the first image from an item – this includes the cost of retrieving the item, bringing it to the studio and checking that we can copy it. For each subsequent image from the same item, we charge a lower fee per image.

Electronic delivery, collection in person and standard delivery within the UK are all free, but for other delivery options you'll need to add a delivery charge to the price as well.

The prices below correspond to our products. Our prices change every August so keep an eye on this page to stay up to date.

For a discussion of prices for larger digitisation projects, please contact our Business Development team.  Specialist digitisation and bespoke orders will have a unique price and will be confirmed on request.

Imaging prices for 2018/19

Scanned images and paper copies

£9.40   First image of each item

£0.42   Subsequent images from the same item

Standard digital images

£31.95 First image of each item

£8.55   Subsequent images from the same item

Premium digital images

£58.60 First image of each item

£14.93 Subsequent images from the same item


£16.55 Existing microfilm as greyscale scans, per 100ft roll

£94.47 Existing microfilm as greyscale scans, per 1000ft roll


Free     Delivery within the UK, electronic delivery and collection in person

£2.50   International Air Mail

£4.70   UK tracked mail

£8.55   International tracked mail

£36.65 UK courier

£49.10 International courier

£20.25 Express service supplement

*Effective from 1 August 2018. Excludes VAT, charged at 20% for UK customers. Customers based in the European Union must comply with the VAT and statistical reporting routine for the EU single market, and we therefore need your VAT number for our records. If you have not told us your VAT number, we are required to charge you VAT at 20%. VAT is charged at point of paying NOT at point of placing order. VAT is not charged to customers based outside the European Union.

**There is currently a large backlog with microfilm digitisation. This may result in your order taking longer than the stated time, please consider this when placing an order for microfilm digitisation. For further information, please contact us


When you submit your Imaging Services order online, we will confirm the details of your order before you pay. This will include an order reference number. You should make a note of this number so you can quote it if you get in contact with us about your order.


You can pay for your order by credit or debit card. We accept most major credit and debit cards. We will pre-authorise your card, but only take payment when your order goes into production in our studios.

For organisations who can’t pay by card, we can set up an account for you. British Library On Demand customers who already have a business account with us can quote their account number in the order form and their order will be charged through this account.


If our studios haven’t started to process your order, you can cancel your order free of charge. After we have started work you will be charged a cancellation fee of £20.