Multispectral assessment

A book under blue light

Discover what’s underneath the layer visible to the naked eye.

'The British Library's new RTI and multi-spectral services have enabled us to reconsider what it means to engage with a manuscript. Beyond the notion of the manuscript as a vehicle for conveying textual content, these technologies have revealed features hidden from conventional view and helped us to explore and interpret it as a material object. The digital team provided a creative, responsive and highly professional service.' 
Armand De Filippo, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester


An exploratory approach to assess whether there is a hidden layer of previous work underneath the current visible layer on flat, 2D items.

Using specialist photographic equipment and techniques in the London studio, our experts will identify if further detailed multi-spectral work should be undertaken.

Output can be a TIFF or JPEG file, or a hard copy print-out onto photographic paper.


  • Identifies which of your items are suitable for further scientific imaging work, such as Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI).

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