Personal collections

A man placing a photo album under a digitising device

Digitise your family’s treasure trove of old photos, diaries, scrapbooks, letters and memorabilia.

'Thanks to the British Library and the West Bank Park Heritage Trust, priceless photos, correspondence and fascinating items from my great, great, great, great, great grandfather’s travels and life have been preserved for everyone to view.'
Tony Lambert, family member of the 19th century Quaker missionary, botanist and nurseryman, James Backhouse


Deliver your personal collections to our studio and we will assess the best way to digitise them based on their condition and your requirements. This may be photography for delicate materials, or high-quality scanning for bigger volume items. We can also convert formats such as negatives and slides.


  • Create a digital version of your personal collection so your cherished items will be preserved forever for future generations.
  • Share digital copies with friends and family across the world at the click of a button.
  • Discover something you might not have noticed before. Your digitised images will be of the highest quality enabling you to zoom-in to read letters and view tiny details on old photographs.

Speak to one of our experts to discuss your requirements further.

Our work

…"Priceless photos and correspondence have been preserved for everyone to view.” …

West Bank Park Heritage Trust commissioned us to digitise and preserve the priceless 19th century scrapbook of James Backhouse