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The original reconnaissance map for the Battle of Quebec

J. P. Hudson


THE original reconnaissance report prepared by Major, later Colonel, Patrick Mackellar for General Wolfe prior to the battle of Quebec on Abrahams Heights has been known to historians since it was printed by Lieut.-Col. C.V.F.Townshend in 1901 in the Military Life of Field-Marshal George First Marquess Townshend from Townshend papers then at the family seat at Rainham in Norfolk. To his report there should have been annexed a map of Quebec, but despite a long search at Rainham, Colonel Townshend could not find the map and came to the conclusion that it had been lost. The hitherto missing map has, however, recently come to light in Townshend papers presented to the British Museum in 1959 by a London firm of solicitors, through the British Records Association, and now numbered Add. MSS. 50006-12.

The original reconnaissance map for the Battle of Quebec (PDF format), 1.59MB

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