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The Awag Vank' Armenian Gospels A.D. 1200

C. J. F. Dowsett


IN 1975 the British Library acquired the Awag Vank' Armenian Gospels formerly belonging to the Collection of the late Mr. Hagop Kevorkian of New York, a work of both artistic and historical interest. This illuminated manuscript, now Or. 13654, comprises the Four Gospels in Classical Armenian, with the Letter of Eusebius to Carpianus, and some of the Eusebian Concordance Tables (nos. 10, 5, 6-7, the rest, nos. 1-4, 8 9 , being now missing). There are no kephalaia, etc. The manuscript consists of 384 vellum folios, 373 mm by 288 mm, with four paper fly-leaves.

The Awag Vank' Armenian Gospels A.D. 1200 (PDF format), 16.6MB

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