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Additional Sheridan papers: Add.MSS. 58274-58277

R. A. H. Smith


A QUANTITY of political papers, mostly speech notes, and miscellanea of Richard Brinsley Sheridan have recently been added to the Department of Manuscripts' holdings of Sheridan family material. The new acquisition had once been part of the Sheridan papers preserved at Frampton Court, Dorset, and had been sold by auction in 1964 as the property of the late Mrs. Clare Sheridan. Tom Moore and later Sheridan biographers had had access to the collection of which the recent acquisition had formed a part, but it had disappeared from view during the First World War and came to light again only in the 1960s. Some Frampton Court material, relating to the Drury Lane theatre and Sheridan's descendants, had been acquired earlier by the Department (Add. MSS. 42720-42723, 42767-42771).

Additional Sheridan papers: Add.MSS. 58274-58277 (PDF format), 2.5MB

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