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The Electronic British Library Journal

1977 articles

  1. The Codex Sinaiticus
    T. S. Pattie

  2. A Shakespeare allusion of 1605 and its author
    Hilton Kelliher

  3. The paved court theatre at Somerset House
    John Orrell

  4. Additional Sheridan papers: Add.MSS. 58274-58277
    R. A. H. Smith

  5. Brother and sister: new George Eliot letters
    T. A. J. Burnett

  6. The Cuttack Mission Press and Early Oriya printing
    Graham W. Shaw

  7. Foreign bookbindings added to the department of printed books from 1963 to 1974
    Howard M. Nixon

  8. Italian City and regional statutes 1473-1600, in the British Library
    Dennis E. Rhodes

  9. Deterioration in leather bookbindings - our present state of knowledge
    Betty M. Haines

  10. Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: acquisitions 1965-1975: English books 1501-1640
    M. J. Jannetta

  11. The Malory manuscript
    Lotte Hellinga and Hilton Kelliher

  12. The British bindings in the Henry Davis gift
    Mirjam M. Foot

  13. An unrecorded German periodical from the time of the Napoleonic Wars
    David Paisey

  14. Two sixteenth-century Italian devices
    Dennis E. Rhodes

  15. The Awag Vank' Armenian Gospels A.D. 1200
    C. J. F. Dowsett

  16. Two Stanley Spencer letters from Salonika
    D. P. Waley

  17. Letters of Robert Briffault
    Arthur Searle

  18. Recent acquisitions: Department of Manuscripts: acquisitions, January-December 1975

  19. Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: acquisitions, Slavonic Division
    H. Swiderska

  20. Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: English books 1501-1640 concluded
    M. J. Jannetta

  21. A catalogue of seventeenth-century books from the Low Countries in the British Library
    Anna E. C. Simoni