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Rembertus Fresen and his writings

Dennis E. Rhodes


THREE small books in the British Library, all printed in northern Germany towards the end of the sixteenth century, are of unusual interest both for their author and for their printers. Unfortunately it has to be confessed that all three were accidentally omitted from the British Museum's Short-title Catalogue of. . . German books, 1453-1600, published in 1962, the result being that there is no mention in the printers' index to that volume of the little-known printer at Emden who was responsible for the second and third books which we are studying here. The first, however, was printed at Marburg, and the title-page reads as follows: Carmen gratulalorium in honorem . . . Domini M. Edonis Hilderki Ieverensis, Academiae Heydelbergensis in facultate Theologica Professoris primarii . . . scriptum per Rembertum Fresen Frisium Orientalem. Martispurgi Cattorum per Augustinum Colbium, 1578. Quarto. 6 leaves. A6 (British Library, 837.h.3(32)).

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