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An unrecognized Spanish edition of Poliziano's Silvae

Dennis E. Rhodes


ANGELO Ambrogini, born in 1454 and universally known as Il Poliziano from his birthplace of Montepulciano in Southern Tuscany, wrote four Latin poems which go under the collective title of Silvae. Of these, Manto was first published in Florence in 1482; Ambra was printed without date, also in Florence, probably in 1485; Nutricia was printed in Florence on 26 May 1491 and again in Bologna on 22 June of the same year; and Rusticus appeared in Florence on 7 February 1491/92. A note by the author himself, which we find as explicit to some of the printed editions, shows that he completed their composition at his house in Fiesole on 8 October 1486.'

An unrecognized Spanish edition of Poliziano's Silvae (PDF format), 2.26MB

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