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Missing folios in Cotton MS. Nero A. I

J. E. Cross


THE manuscript, Cotton Nero A. I, has been reproduced in facsimile edition entitled: A Wulfstan Manuscript containing Institutes, Laws and Homilies: British Museum Cotton Nero A. I, recognizing its importance to Anglo- Saxonists, and, by caption, indicating its associations, and designating some of the literary production in Latin of Wulfstan and his aides. Wulfstan was an influential and responsible prelate. Bishop of London by 996, advanced to the see of Worcester and the Archbishopric of York in 1002, adviser to successive Kings of England, Ethelred and Cnut, and probably best known to students as author of the 'Sermo Lupi ad Anglos', an emotive castigation of the supine English in face of the invading Scandinavians.

Missing folios in Cotton MS. Nero A. I (PDF format), 1.13MB

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