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The Electronic British Library Journal

1990 articles

  1. Carolingian uncial: a context for the Lothar Psalter
    Rosamond McKitterick

  2. Colour notes in English Romanesque manuscripts
    Andreas Petzold

  3. The 'Sloane Group': related scientific and medical manuscripts from the fifteenth century in the Sloane Collection
    Linda Ehrsam Voigts

  4. An old Spanish translation from the 'Flores Sancti Bernardi' in British Library ADD. MS. 14040, ff. 111V-112V
    Barry Taylor

  5. Egerton MSS. 302 and 303: a Spanish chronicle cycle and its history
    David Hook

  6. Books seen by Samuel Ward 'In Bibliotheca regia' circa 1614
    James P. Carley

  7. Missing folios in Cotton MS. Nero A. I
    J. E. Cross

  8. Count Lodovic Nogarola and the divorce of Catherine of Aragon
    Dennis E. Rhodes

  9. A binding by the scales binder, circa 1456-65
    Mirjam M. Foot

  10. James II in pursuit of a pirate at Malta
    D. F. Allen

  11. Swift, the Earl of Oxford, and the management of the House of Lords in 1713: two new lists
    Clyve Jones

  12. Isaac Bernard: Prague Jew, jeweller, mintmaster and spy
    Peter Barber

  13. London, Bengal, the China trade and the unfrequented extremities of Asia: the East India Company's settlement in New Guinea, 1793-95
    Andrew Griffin

  14. Ephraem's 'On Repentance' and the translation of the Greek text into other languages
    T. S. Pattie

  15. The authorship and date of HARL. MS. 6249, ff. 106V-110
    Takau Shimada

  16. Some officials of the early eighteenth-century Secretaries of State
    J. D. Alsop

  17. Recent acquisitions: music: a monument of ancient music
    Graham Pont

  18. Working with Vaughan Williams: some newly discovered manuscripts
    Roy Douglas