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Music Library: notable acquisitions 1985-1994

M. Turner


THE previous report of notable acquisitions of printed music, published in 1985, covered some twenty-two years, from 1964 to early 1985. The present survey covers a period of less than half this extent. Nevertheless it demonstrates that the Music Library, far from resting on its laurels, has continued to maintain the pre-eminence of its existing collections by a vigorous programme of acquisitions ranging widely both geographically and temporally, a programme that has been made possible by continuing support for the Music Library's purchase budget from the Directorate of Special Collections. The principal criterion for inclusion in this, necessarily highly selective, list is the intrinsic interest or importance of a given item, but a secondary consideration has been a desire to reflect the diversity encompassed by the Library's collecting policy.

Music Library: notable acquisitions 1985-1994 (PDF format), 13.7MB

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