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The Electronic British Library Journal

2021 articles

  1. A Survey of the Art Works Connected to Adam Gumpelzhaimer with Revelations about his Compendium musicae
    Richard Charteris (notes)
  2. Edward Spencer Dodgson, the Basque language, and the British Museum Library
    Geoffrey West (notes)
  3. James McNeill Whistler to Richard D'Oyly Carte: A Letter Comes to Light at the British Library
    Chris Beckett (notes)
  4. The Papers of Edward Scott, Keeper of Manuscripts at the British Museum 1888-1904
    C. J. Wright (notes)
  5. From Popular to Rare. Acquisition and Preservation Policies at the British Museum Library in Panizzi's Time
    Laura Carnelos (notes)
  6. Consul Joseph Smith's Gold-Tooled Leather Bookbindings
    P. J. M. Marks (notes)
  7. The Formation, Development and Curation of the Tapling Collection at the British Museum Library in the Nineteenth Century
    Richard Scott Morel (notes)
  8. Hans Sloane, Samuel Pepys, and the Evidence of a Lost Pepys Library Catalogue
    Kate Loveman (notes)
  9. The Alice N. Hays Notebook: A Tour of Early Twentieth-Century Library Methods in the UK and Europe
    Jessica Camille Jordan (notes)
  10. A Transcription and Translation of Sloane MS. 2131, Robert Ashley's (1565-1641) Vita: with Additional Biographical Details
    Astrid Kelser (notes), Jennifer K. Nelson (notes), Renae Satterley (notes
  11. The Spiral-Locked Letters of Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots
    Jana Dambrogio (notes), Daniel Starza Smith (notes), Jennifer Pellecchia (notes), Alison Wiggins (notes), Andrea Clarke (notes), and Alan Bryson (notes)

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