1977 (vol. 3) articles

Vol. 3, no. 1, Spring 1977

The Codex Sinaiticus (pp. 1-6)
T. S. Pattie

A Shakespeare allusion of 1605 and its author (pp. 7-12)
Hilton Kelliher

The paved court theatre at Somerset House (pp. 13-19)
John Orrell

Additional Sheridan papers: Add.MSS. 58274-58277 (pp. 20-23)
R. A. H. Smith

Brother and sister: new George Eliot letters (pp. 24-28)
T. A. J. Burnett

The Cuttack Mission Press and Early Oriya printing (pp. 29-43)
Graham W. Shaw

Foreign bookbindings added to the department of printed books from 1963 to 1974 (pp. 44-55)
Howard M. Nixon

Italian City and regional statutes 1473-1600, in the British Library (pp. 56-58)
Dennis E. Rhodes

Deterioration in leather bookbindings - our present state of knowledge (pp. 59-70)
Betty M. Haines

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: acquisitions 1965-1975: English books 1501-1640 (pp. 71-90)
M. J. Jannetta

Vol. 3, no. 2, Autumn 1977

The Malory manuscript (pp. 91-113)
Lotte Hellinga and Hilton Kelliher

The British bindings in the Henry Davis gift (pp. 114-128)
Mirjam M. Foot

An unrecorded German periodical from the time of the Napoleonic Wars: Beyträge zur Geschichte des Krieges der Jahre 1812 und 1813 (pp. 129-134)
David Paisey

Two sixteenth-century Italian devices (pp. 135-138)
Dennis E. Rhodes

The Awag Vanke Armenian Gospels A.D. 1200 (pp. 139-166) 
C. J. F. Dowsett

Two Stanley Spencer letters from Salonika (pp. 167-168)
D. P. Waley

Letters of Robert Briffault (pp. 169-176)
Arthur Searle

Recent acquisitions: Department of Manuscripts: acquisitions, January-December 1975 (pp. 177-180)

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: acquisitions, Slavonic Division (pp. 180-181)
H. Swiderska

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: English books 1501-1640 concluded (pp. 182-188)
M. J. Jannetta

Note: A catalogue of seventeenth-century books from the Low Countries in the British Library (pp.189)
Anna E. C. Simoni

General Index (pp. 190-196)

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