1978 (vol. 4) articles

Vol. 4, no. 1, Spring 1978

An addition to the Faust literature: an unknown 'harrowing of hell' in the British Library, London (pp. 1-7)
Dr. Hans Henning (translated by D. L. Paisey)

Pietro Bembo's L'Histoire du Nouveau Monde (pp. 8-21)
Cecil H. Clough

Hilarius Cantiuncula and his book of poems (pp. 22-23)
Dennis E. Rhodes

The artist of the Leviathan title-page (pp. 24-36)
Keith Brown

Notes on some manuscripts of Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes (pp. 37-41)
R. F. Green

Marvell after Cambridge (pp. 42-48)
Pauline Burdon

John Webber's South Sea drawings for the admiralty: a newly discovered catalogue among the papers of Sir Joseph Banks (pp. 49-77)
Rüdiger Joppien

Recent acquisitions: Department of Manuscripts: acquisitions, January-December 1976 (pp. 78-82)

Department of Printed Books: acquisitions 1965-1975: English books 1641-1700 (pp. 83-97)
M. J. Jannetta

Notes on outside contributors (p. 97)

Vol. 4, no. 2, Autumn 1978

Some early English editions of Voltaire (pp. 99-111)
G. Barber

Learning to read: Friedrich Gedike's primer of 1791 (pp. 112-121)
David Paisey

Some notes on Andrew Marvell: Marvell before and after the continental tour: 1642 and 1647 (pp. 122-144)
Hilton Kelliher

David Hume, De Unione Tractatus Secundus (pp. 145-147)
David Lindley

Patrick Cary: a sequel (pp. 148-160)
Pamela Willetts

A Khamsa of Niz̤āmī dated Herat, 1421 (pp. 161-186)
Norah M. Titley

Pictorial printing in Chinese books: three examples from the seventeenth century (pp. 187-195)
Yu-Ying Brown

Recent acquisitions: Department of Manuscripts: acquisitions, January-December 1977 (pp. 196-198)

Notes: Italian printed statutes: a correction (p. 199)
D. E. Rhodes

Notes: An unknown Mendelssohn autograph (pp. 200-201)
O. W. Neighbour

Notes on outside contributors (p. 200)

General Index (pp. 202-209) 

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