1983 (vol. 9) articles

Vol. 9, no. 1, Spring 1983

Printing with gold in the fifteenth century (pp. 1-13)
Victor Carter, Lotte Hellinga, and Tony Parker with photographs by Jane Mullane

The Mainz indulgences of 1454/5: a review of recent scholarship (pp. 14-31)
Janet Ing

A leaf from a Gutenberg Bible illuminated in England (pp. 32-50)
Eberhard König

Bagford and Sloane (pp. 51-55)
Margaret Nickson

The use of William Caxton's type 3 by John Lettou and William de Machlinia in the printing of their Yearbook 35 Henry VI, c.1481-1482 (pp. 56-65)
W. J. Partridge

Was Jacques Le Forestier the printer of the Horae Ad Usum Sarum of 1495? (pp.66-75)
Ursula Baurmeister

Recent acquisitions: Department of Oriental Manuscripts and Printed Books: manuscript acquisitions 1976 (pp. 76-81)

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: acquisitions, German Section (pp. 82-92)
D. L. Paisey

Notes on outside contributors (p. 92)

Vol. 9, no. 2, Autumn 1983

The composition of the manuscript of Christine de Pizan's Collected Works in the British Library: a reassessment (pp. 93-123)
Sandra Hindman

Early Ottoman miniature painting: two recently acquired manuscripts in the British Library (pp. 124-139)
Norah M. Titley

Antonio de Sancha, 1720-1790: a tentative list of holdings in the reference division of the British Library (pp. 140-160)
H. G. Whitehead

Fernando Pessoa, poet, publisher, and translator (pp. 161-170)
R. W. Howes

Manifestations of Arthur Waley: some bibliographical and other notes (pp. 171-184)
Francis A. Johns

A mysterious Italian newsletter of 1517 (pp. 185-192)
D. E. Rhodes

An anonymous guidebook to Rome, 1677 (pp. 193-194)
D. E. Rhodes

Department of Printed Books: acquisitions 1982-March 1983: English books 1501-1800 (pp. 195-203)
Jean Archibald and M. J. Jannetta

Notes on outside contributors (p. 203)

General index (pp. 205-214)

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