1985 (vol. 11) articles

Vol. 11, no. 1, Spring 1985

The library of the Royal Philharmonic Society (pp. 1-24)
Alec Hyatt King

The Elgar sketch-books (pp. 25-45)
Pamela Willetts

Alban Berg and the BBC (pp. 46-59)
Nicholas Chadwick

The Curzon collection (pp. 60-66)
O. W. Neighbour

Julian Marshall and the British Museum: music collecting in the later nineteenth century (pp. 67-87)
Arthur Searle

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: selected acquisitions April 1983 - March 1984: English books 1501-1800 (pp. 88-95)
Jean Archibald and M. J. Jannetta

Notes on contributors (p. 96)

Erratum [BLJ vol. 10, no. 2, Autumn 1984] (p. 96-97)

Vo. 11, no. 2, Autumn 1985

Matthew Prior's last manuscript: 'Predestination' (pp. 99-112)
H. Bunker Wright and P. J. Croft

'The grammar of research': some implications of machine-readable bibliography (pp. 113-122)
R. C. Alston

Bartolommeo Sanvito and an antique motif (pp. 123-130)
M. L. Evans

Obiya Ihei, a Japanese provincial publisher (pp. 131-142)
P. F. Kornicki

Terra incognita: the Beudeker Collection in the map library of the British Library (pp. 143-175)
Anna E. C. Simoni

Recent acquisitions: Department of Printed Books: notable acquisitions 1964-1985: music library (pp. 176-195)
O. W. Neighbour

Notes on contributors (p. 195)

General index (pp. 197-205)